Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The East coast is alive with paddlers.

Christopher Lockyer

Well it has been a busy spring for all the Kokatat team members.  I have been fortunate to paddle in the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Fundy in the month of May. My Kokatat expedition dry suit kept me warm and dry.  I have been using the new Maximus Prime pfd this season. I love the mobility it gives me while on the water and the protection it provides me. 

South Island Sea Kayak Association

I had the pleasure to work with SISKA on a number of paddling sessions while I was in Victoria.  It was great to have 30 plus enthusiastic paddlers out on the water during the sessions.  I got to see some great paddling area, Baynes Channel, Trial Island and Race Rock area.

Matt Nelson At Trial Island Lighthouse

Pacific Paddle Symposium

Right after working with SISKA I was off to the Pacific Paddle Symposium. This is a new paddle symposium on Vancouver Island.  It is the newest symposium for Paddle Canada.  Janette and her crew sold this event out in a little over 12 days.  The event took place at Pearson Collage. The area had so many options for an event like this.  Race Rock one of the most exposed tide races on the Vancouver Island was going to be used by plenty of the session during the event. We had plenty of fun during the event.  Friday was a coach update fun day, Saturday and Sunday were a mix of sessions on and off the water.  I got to paddle and teach with a fellow Kokatat Team member Mike Darbyshie. A talented coach and an up and comer for sure. I will be back on Vancouver Island in October and I can’t wait to see the pacific in Fall mode with a little more energy.  

Gary Doren giving the morning briefing

Fun and Games with Tim Dyer

Instructor development day - Mike Darbyshie.

MEC Paddlefest Toronto and Halifax

MEC has been running Paddlefest for many years. It started in Toronto and has spread across the country.  I was invited by Erik to take part in the Instructor development program that would run at Harbor Front on Friday.  We had a great turnout of 20 or so Paddle Canada instructors. The aim was to share some new idea about SUP, Kayaking and Canoeing.
I was only able to attend day of of Paddlefest but it turned out to be a great day. Plenty of eager students and people walking around looking at gear and boats. Paul Sriver was at the Toronto event waving the flag for Kokatat. The event was very well organized. MEC Paddlefest will be in Halifax on June 16th.  

Coastal Adventure Kayakers Meeting

After jumping on the plane at 8:00 pm in Toronto I got home repacked and headed down to Tangier Nova Scotia to take part in day two of the Coastal Adventures Kayakers meeting.  After hearing the stories from Day one I was kind of glad to have missed the driving rains and winds they experienced.  We spent the morning working on skills development and then heading out for a little rock hopping session in the afternoon. The swell was kicking up which provided a great deal of energy for us to play.
Photo by: Ryan Brake

Photo by: Ryan Brake

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