Friday, June 3, 2011

Atlantic Paddle Symposium 2011 Update

Incident Management
Atlantic Paddle Symposium 2011 May 20-23 Terra Nova, Newfoundland
Matt, Don and I made the journey from Nova Scotia in the Tacoma with my trailer in tow full of boats. It was a great crossing on the ferry from NS. We arrived in Port Aux Basque to a little sunshine but that quickly changed to rain and 5 degrees as we drove across Newfoundland. 

Kevin Silliker, the poling master
Mark Scriver rock hopping
Group briefing
 Well we knocked it out of the park this year.  28 world-class coaches lead 120 paddlers at the three-day event, held from May 20 to 23, 2011 near Terra Nova, Newfoundland. I am very pleased with the way the whole event went. 

Matt Nelson rock hopping
Newfoundland’s say it is not a proper May 24th weekend without a little snow. Saturday morning with an air temperature of 2 degrees and a 25 knot wind from the North it snowed for a brief moment so that was a great start for the event. I am sure everyone was thankful they had a great suit to keep them warm.

Highlights of the fourth annual event, which featured sessions for canoeists and white water kayakers and sea kayaks, included:
·         Mark Scriver teaching solo canoe sessions in white water and then hitting the sea to help run a rock hopping session
·         Canoe Poling with Kevin Silliker, the master of the pole
·         Mark Scriver leading solo canoe session on white water
·         Maligiaq Paddilla, world Greenland rolling champion, teaching Greenland rolling and paddling techniques
·         Brenna Kelly leading paddlers down some of the most challenging white water Newfoundland has to offer
·         Christopher Lockyer leading two dynamic rock hopping sessions,  one in 20 knot winds and 3-meter swells
·         Kevin Callan sharing tips and tricks about enjoying the outdoors
·         Loads of stokes and skill development sessions
·         And Matt Nelson working with students on incident management

The always entertaining Kevin Callan gave a great presentation on why we go on canoe trips, and Maligiaq Paddilla showed some great videos from Greenland.

Maligiaq Greenland rolling champ, poling.
Sponsors included Paddle Canada, Kayak Newfoundland and Labrador, Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia, Canoe Kayak New Brunswick, Thumblehome recreational canoe club and Simply for Life. Visit out site to see a full list of sponsors.

Many thanks go out to Capital Subaru from St John’s, without the use of the three 2011 Subaru foresters we would have had a hard time getting our coaches to and from the airport in St John’s.
The volunteers and coaches included Matthew Nelson, Craig Burden, Alan Stanley, Birgit Kuhle, Blair Doyle, Brenna Kelly, Craig Moores, Corey Locke, David Johnston, Graham Ketcheson, Jim Price, Kevin Callan, Kevin Redmond, Kevin Silliker, Tim White, Mike Smith, Mark Scriver, Monica Lynns, Richard Alexander, Rick Wise, Rob Lemmon, Susan Vokey, Amanda Harrington, Melissa Hickey, Steve Noel, and David Saunders.
Planning for the fifth annual Atlantic Paddling Symposium, to be held in Nova Scotia, is now underway.
Submitted by Christopher Lockyer
Regional representative for Kokatat water wear, P&H Sea kayak team member, co-chair and founder of the Atlantic Paddle Symposium

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